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101 Days of Fun Kickoff

101 days of fun0

101 Days Of Fun starts now! Check each thing of you list and find a fun thing to do everyday for 101 Days, in fact, we’ll call it 101 Days Of Fun! Check the first 7 days out below:

days of fun day1

Day 1: Its time for the epic pin hunt! Turn Blue, put on your  ice cream apron & see if you can lead 25 Penguins to the pin!

days of fun day2

Day 2: Work Time! Grab a construction hat from the Penguin Style Catalog & get more then 10 dancing construction buddies to join you on the Iceberg! 

days of fun day3

Day 3: Waddle  up to the Lounge above the Night Club & play 10 levels of Astro Barrier. Wait 30 Seconds then shoot at the blue ship to uncover secret levels! 

days of fun day4

Day 4: Grab a warm-weather item from the new catalog in the Gift Shop & have 20 Penguins follow you to the Cove for a snowball throwing party!

days of fun day5

Day 5: Make a big fish wish! Go ice fishing by entering the door in the lodge. Try to catch the big fish. Hint, near the end, instead of a worm, use a fish as your bait.

days of fun day6

Day 6: Its time for the hiking vikings! Buy a viking helmet of your choice at the Stage & march in a circle shouting “Hiking!” & “Viking!”

days of fun day7

Day 7: Before you log in to Club Penguin next time, check out the What’s New Blog & help us pick a summer pin by your comments!

Check out that last thing to check of your list, Help Club Penguin pick a new summer pin! Looks like 7 days from now we’ll be helping Club Penguin pick a new summer pin!


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