Halloween Igloo Catalog Cheats

Follow the cheats to find them out now.
Club Penguin Halloween Better Igloos Furniture Catalog cheats

Let’s go to find the first cool Halloween item – Puffle Jack-O-Lanturn. It’s on the first page where you can buy Creepy Cottage Cut-out, Spooky Tree, Haunted Mansion Cut-out and Iron Gates. Chick on the brick of the Iron Gate.
puffle jack-o-lanturn

The Second hidden item is Cauldron on the 1st page too. Click on the top-right window of the Creepy Cottage Cut-out. It looks like a really big Cauldron.

The 3rd item is an old item – LCD Television. Go to the 2nd page where you can buy Spider Web, Tombstone, Candelabra and Pipe Organ. Click on the left Puffle Jack-O-Lanterns.
LCD Television

Stay on the Second page and click on the Tombstone. Then you can find the hidden item – Goofy Jack-O-Lanturn.
Goofy Jack-O-Lanturn

Thanks for listening  and have fun trying out for the igloo contest if you are!

(Pictures from club penguin.org)


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