The Great Snow Maze and Party!!!

The Snow Maze is out! It was awwweeeeesome!!!!

Check it out with a MEMBER penguin,member only!

Before going to the Yeti Cave,go to the mountain to get a free item,Blue Pompom Toque.

Move your cursor to the map thing,you will see the Snow Maze Map,now join in.

Now follow this directions to go to the Yeti Cave:

1. left
2. up
3. straight
4. straight
5. straight
6. left
7. left
8. right
9. straight
10. right
11. left
12. up

And now you arrived the Yeti Cave!

Now get your reward prize,the Yeti Costume.

Here’s how it look like when you are wearing:

Check it out now! Its awesome!

Comment and tell us what you think about the Maze!


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