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Cave Expedition!!!!!!!

 Alot of credit goes to Lux1200 for helping me make this huge post! http://www.clubpenguincheatcp.com

We’ve finally made a hole in the rock so….. let the digging begin! Here’s what’s going on:

Get The Hard Hat before going in!

Here are the instructions for digging

This is the dig site. You dig here to get the pin and open the cave.

After a little digging, you get the first piece!

Then the whole pin!

The cave entrance!

Inside the cave.

Click the for sale sign to get the deep sea diving suit.

Once you got the suit, head out to the coral reef!

Get the coral background.

Whew! Thats alot! The room is pretty cool! Tell Mibbs4 and I what you think!


P.S. Alot of credit goes to Lux1200 for helping me with this!

Scroll Down for Mibbs’ Post! We both posted at the same time!


One Response

  1. i luv the new caves! they rock! 🙂

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