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Puffle Party Pictures!


Right click on image for save options.

The Second  Puffle party is here with alot of fun rooms and things to do! It’s basically the same party as last year Check it out:


Plaza. Get the free Puffle Hat.

Snow Forts

Feed a Puffle. Also in last years party.

Ski Village. You can get to the Puffle Show from here.

Here is the Puffle Show! You can get your puffle groomed here and let him run through a obstacle course. You can get the free Puffle Coat also.

Here is the BRAND NEW White Puffle room. It’s pretty sweet!

here is the Yellow Puffle room; my favorite. If you stand on the white platform next to the canvas, the Yellow Puffle will paint you!

Also one of my favorites, the Green Puffle Room.

Last, the Dock.

 This is NOT all of the rooms! You have to see the rest yourself. Click these pictures to enlarge them.

The puffle party was basically the same this year as last year. i was hoping it would be different from last year. It is still one of my favorite parties of all time! What do you guys think of the second Puffle Party? Also, something is wrong with one of these pictures. Which is it?



2 Responses

  1. Yep!

  2. the last picture has somthing wrong with it. You dont have a name!

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