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Puffle Rescue Complete Guide

The Puffle Rescue Game we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Some levels can get tricky, but thats why I made this guide.

How To Play Puffle Rescue

In this game, there are floating tiles or carts that you have to get your penguin on. In Blue Puffle levels, there are ice blocks, Pink Puffle is carts and Black Puffle is like a coral maze.

First, waddle over to the desk and click on the board under the Puffle Rescue Sign.

Click on it.

This is the main screen for the Puffle Rescue Game. You can either click on the instructions or rescue a puffle. Anyone can rescue Blue Puffles but you’ll need to be a member to rescue pink and black.

Rescuing These Little Guys

Every puffle is different. The Blue Puffle is floating on icy cold water surrounded by sharks. The Black Puffle is in a coral reef swimming around with some electric squids. The Pink Puffle is in a mine and rides around on carts with bats.

                                                                                     Blue Puffle Levels

The Blue Puffle Levels are for anyone. Member or Non-Member. It looms alot like frogger, for those of you who play that game. When you start it will look like this.

You need to move the penguin with the keyboard arrows across the water on the ice blocks. Avoid the ice with cracks in the center. You will be able to stand on them for a couple seconds. Then they break. You need to get all the way to the puffle on the checkerborad like square.

When you grab him, this box comes up.

Pink Puffle Levels

The Pink Puffle is a little different. Its in a mine like place, or a factory. You have to jump onto the carts to get across.

The black squares are the carts. You can’t see them well in the picture. In the Pink Puffle levels, its dark. That makes it a little more difficult along with the bats. When you see the puffle grab it! This is what the back half of the first level looks like.

Once you grab the puffle, a message comes up.

Black Puffle Levels

The Black Puffle levels are underwater.

I think its supposed to be a coral reef. Well anyway, its basically like the other rounds, except this is underwater. Watch out for those darn squids! They turn electric and shock you. Then you will have to go back to the beginning or the last checkpoint. You will see fans. Use them! They help you get higher so you don’t sink all the way down and die. When you grab the puffle and return to start, a message comes up.

How To Get To The Underwater Room

You need to go to the Black Puffle Round. Grab the Puffle and wait. A squid will come, he drops bubbles and guides you to the key. Hit the bubbles to help you gain height so you don’t sink on your way.

In this picture, the bubble is right in front of me. They are big bubbles. Once you get all  the bubbles and you make it there it looks like this.

Go into the door. it leads you to the Underwater Room. A message pops up.

Here we are! There is a key next to me. Its your ticket to come back in. Pick it up.

Well thats it!



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