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Earth Day

Trash Recycle Hunt

To start the hunt click on the Recycle Trash Bin in the upper right hand corner of the screen next to the Moderator Symbol.

The first item is at the Coffee Shop on top of the tree in the corner.

The second item is at the Pet Shop. It is a turned over box of Puffle O’s.

The third item is located at the Cove and is a barrel down by the Map. Click it once and it will pop out, click it again to collect it.

The fourth item is at the Dojo Courtyard. The item is on top of the Ninja Hideout Roof and is a bottle of hot sauce. Again, click it once and it will pop out, click it again to collect it.

The fifth item is at the Book Room. It is an old bag of Coffee Beans on top of the Book Shelf.

The sixth item is at the Cove. Its an old Club Penguin Times Newspaper behind a rock towards the top of the screen. Click it once for it to pop out, then click it again to collect it.

The seventh item is a Pizza Box at the Ski Village on top of some Inner Tubes (right by the entrance to the Sports Shop).

The last item is at the Mine. Its a barrel next to the entrance to the Mine Shack.

Once you’ve collected all the items click “Claim Prize” for the Recycle Pin!

After you have collected your prize waddle on over to the Mine Shack to check out the Community Garden, the Recycle Center and grab the new Free Item!

Click on one of the Community Garden signs around Club Penguin or use your map to go to the Mine.

Clean up has started at the Mine and there are lots of cool things to check out.

Free Item

Grab a free Straw Hat next to the Community Garden.

Recycle Center

You can check out the Recycle Center off to the left of the Mine Shack (must complete Trash Recycle Hunt first).

In the Recycle Center there is a recycling machine (would else would be in a Recycle Center?) and lots of buttons to push. You can also throw trash into the machine…..or have a trash war =P

(Snowballs turn to trash items you collected from the hunt!)

Community Garden

The Community Garden is a garden next to the Mine Shack. You can water it and plants will grow!

To water to the garden you can wear just your straw hat and dance, or you can throw snowballs into the big green bucket on the Mine. Once you throw enough snowballs water will run down the pipes and spray on the garden. But if you stop watering the plants….

They’ll die!

Entrance to the Mine

Club Penguin finally made an entrance to the Mine! Before you could only get to it with the Spy Phone or the Map. Now you can waddle there using the entrance via the Forest!

Thats pretty much it for the Earth Day Party but make sure you collect the trash items for the scavenger hunt now, it’ll be gone April 25th! Although there is a new pin:

New Pin

I know this is Lux1200’s pictures. Sorry this is late, Ive been really busy. I will be back posting with my own pics as usual.



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