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Medieval Quests!

Hey guys its mibbs and im gonna post the medieval quests because i know ringling can’t.

So here’s the first one


well first off get to the cave and go in the first one

then you have to light up all the orbs, to light them up just stand on the panel in front of them just watch out for that fence!

next room is the target room

as you probably guessed you have to hit the targets with your snowballs

then when you get all 50 targets be sure to pick up your prize

then go to the next room, then maze room.

first get the free helmet

then just follow these directions DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP

Then, your enter the last room, where you can get the other part of your knight outfit

Knight Quest 2

first enter through the gates

when you first get in you have to throw snowballs at all of the flames

Then the path will open

Then you will have to figure out the puzzle i have no cheats for this because it is always different, sorry. I can tell you how though, just push the arrows on the key, then try to get it to the key hole

then when you enter the next room, pick up your free prize and enter the next room


then when you go in…


To defeat it you have to throw snowballs in the barrel

then when it fills up the cannon will turn green

then shoot it at the dragon, be careful he doesn’t get you with his fire! You have to hit him three times to knock him out

when you do he should look like this

Then a gate will open and you can enter the last room, the treasure room

then you can get the free furniture item, DRAGONS GOLD!!!

Then get the extra special pin, the toothbrush

Well that’s all for now!



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