Island Adventure Party Cheats

The Party was released! theres tons of cool stuff! Free items, Games and cool decorations! I was the first to post! hehe

Free Items

Jackhammer at the Cove

Costume at the Tree Forts

Member Ship Battle

There is also a Member Ship Battle Room. You can get to the Captians Ship at the beach or the Pirate Ship at the Cove.



When you launch snowballs, the ships eventually get leaks.

Lost Sailboats:


1. Forest- All the way to the left on the bush

2. Beach- On top of the anchor sign on the Lighthouse

3. Snow Forts- On the bush to the left, by the entrance to the Town

4. Hidden Lake- By the Mermaid Cove Sign

5. Plaza-On the Puffle in the pet Shop Sign

6. Town- On top of the statue on the Coffee Shop


7. Ski Village- On top of the crossbone sign

8. Iceburg-On top of the palm tree

Once you get them all, you click Build The Map

Drag the pieces to the correct spot.

The map should look like this:


You get a Treasure Cove Background


Then go to the Cove and jackhammer on the X. You will get a bandanna.

Have Fun!




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  1. Hey ringling9 I noticed something if you go to the ships where you have to be a member if you look at the cannons that shoot when you stand on the squares. If you look under them theres 2 more cannons if you click them snowballs will shot out of them too cool huh.

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