Field Op Mission Four

Club Penguin released its brand new field op, Field Op #4. It’s relatively more time consuming than the previous ones. To begin, walk to the EPF Command Center.

Field Op 4 Message

To begin, walk to the couch, as described, which is located in the Lodge Attic.

Couch in Corner

Here are the directions:


Engage! This field op is kind of confusing, so let me explain it bit by bit. Your exact puzzle will vary.

Field Op #4 Cheats

As said before, solving this puzzle is time consuming. I will explain it as best as I can, so read it carefully. I have decided to give many of the objects name to simplify my job of describing them.

The goal is to make all of the 4 batteries (in red rectangles) green. To do so, you will have to fill them up with electricity. You will be operating a vehicle which will withdraw electricity from the command center (in white), and transport it to one of the batteries. Meanwhile, you will have to avoid the red creatures. At the end, you will earn a medal, and you will eventually be able to redeem it for items.

Saty Sharp Agents! A new field op will be here next week!


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