Art for Haiti!

Thanks to our support, a NEW school has been built in Haiti! Whoo Hoo! The school just needs one more thing-a mural for the playground..and it will be disigned by YOU!

August 14 Blog.jpg

 Show what having fun is by drawing and sending  a picture of your penguin playing with your buddies. The top four(4) pictures will be selected and posted on the Community Blog for a vote! If your artwork is chosen, it will be painted by one of Club Penguins GREAT artists on a large wall.

Dos and DON’TS


1. Draw between two and four penguins playing together.
2. Draw the picture taking place outdoors.
3. Draw penguins with only one or two simple items. Like hats and scarves!
4. Try to use five colors or less.
5. Use any art style you like! Pencils, pens and paints are great!


1. Include any personal information (like an address).
2. Use any words.
3. Use anyone else’s pictures.
4. Draw large or complicated items. (No Squidzoids!)

Good Luck Artists!



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