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Penguin Style October Cheats!

Hey guys! The October Penguin style was released today! Check out some of the awesome costumes this year.

New Items / Costumes

Lots of purple (and new costumes), I like it!!

  • The Lady Frankenpenguin – 300 Coins
  • Lady Frankenpenguin’s Dress – 450 Coins
  • Witch’s Hat – 250 Coins
  • Witch’s Costume – 550 Coins
  • The Count – 250 Coins
  • The Count’s Costume – 500 Coins
  • The Count’s Cloak – 250

  • Mummy Costume – 600 Coins
  • Pharaoh Headdress – 500 Coins
  • Gold Bracelets – 200 Coins
  • Pharaoh Costume – 550 Coins
  • Cleo Headdress – 350 Coins
  • Cleo Dress – 550 Coins

  • Faery Hair – 450 Coins
  • Faery Wings – 350 Coins
  • Faery Costume – 550 Coins
  • Bee Antennae – 200 Coins
  • Bee Wings – 350 Coins
  • Bee Costume – 450 Coins
  • Blizzard Wizard Hat – 300 Coins
  • Crystal Staff – 250 Coins
  • Blizzard Wizard Robe – 450 Coins

  • Ball Cap (Green, Blue, Pink and Red) – 200 Coins Each
  • Letterman Jacket (Green, Blue, Pink and Red) – 350 Coins Each

Penguin’s at Work: Halloween Edition

Are you a Raddddd Scientist?

  • Rad Scientist Wig – 350 Coins
  • Rad Scientist Costume – 500 Coins


Click Lady Frankenpenguin’s mouth/beak for the Frankenpenguin Costume (450 Coins).

Click The Count’s mouth/beak for the Frankenpenguin Head (250 Coins).

Click the ghosts face for the Crook and Flail (300 Coins).

Click the Pumpkin Lantern for the Red Viking Helmet (750 Coins). Open and close it four (4) times for the Blue Viking Helmet (1,200 Coins).

Click the tree for the Ring Master’s Outfit (Hat, Mustache and Costume).

Click the Penguin’s beak (Penguin’s At Work) for the Punk Rock Style Penguin (Wig, Spikester Cuffs, Dress and Shoes).

Click the top of the mountain for the Green Hiking Boots (325 Coins).

Click the lime green penguin’s right foot for the Lasso (150 Coins).

Click the top of the pine tree for the Blue Duck (50 Coins).

Click the brown penguin’s eye for the Mountain Climbing Gear (Mountain Climber Gear – 550 Coins & Hiking Boots – 325 Coins).

Click the top of the pine tree for the 3D Glasses (50 Coins).

Click the penguin’s foot for the Acoustic Sunburst Guitar (500 Coins).

Click the RIGHT button for The Rocker (750 Coins).

Click the LEFT button for the Supernova Suit (850 Coins).

Click the inside of the speaker for the Blue Sunglasses (150 Coins).

Click the right side of the speaker for the Purple Electric Bass (550 Coins).

Click the inside bar of the piano for the Red Sunglasses (150 Coins).

Click the tiki’s face for the Trombone (500 Coins).

Halloween Backgrounds



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  1. Nice one ringling9! It helped me.

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