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Halloween Party!

The Halloween party is out! BOO! Here are the scavenger hunt cheats.

Click the Pumpkin Symbol right next to the Moderator Badge in the top right of your Club Penguin screen.

Find all 8 pieces of candy and you’ll be able to claim a new background! Here is where the candy is hidden:

  1. Beach.
  2. Snow Forts.
  3. Iceberg (giant pumpkin) 🙂
  4. Gift Shop.
  5. Pizza Parlor.
  6. Ski Lodge (in the mirror above fireplace).
  7. Plaza (in witches cauldron).
  8. back round!

Collect all the candy and you will receive a NEW Background!

The free item is at the Plaza. Its bat wings that you put on your head, yay! I can fly now…


Now to the special rooms! The Dark Chamber! (Member room)

When you first walk in you will have to do the same pattern coming from the rocks, you play it on the organ it can be kind of tricky at times!

then the door will open…

walk in, and its literally a dark chamber!

as you can see you will have to use the lantern, or any other thing that gives off light like flashlight, or the lantern from last year too

and here’s a really cool cheat, you can use your night vision goggles if you still have them

Now your in the monster lab! you can go in the mummy case, or just act like a mad scientist, here I’ve been practicing my evil laugh, listen, BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Here is the free furniture item! Piles of candy!!!

And if you sit in the chair, bats come by you!

and then there’s the monster catalog, very fun!

now once you walk up your in the haunted house!!!

the items move so try clicking and some go on their own! There’s a free ghost outfit!

And that’s about it for this party! Also the Night of the Living Sled is playing at light house, coffee shop, and night club!

And now for some fun Halloween tips

Don’t hide in the dark if your scared of it

Don’t worry the big pumpkin won’t eat you

The picture in the haunted house is not staring at you

Don’t get to into the costume contest (That’s how I got kicked out)

Yes the pumpkin is a ninja

and oh, the pumpkin does eat you…

And that’s about it for this party and these tips!

Happy upcoming Halloween! What are you guys going to be? I’m gonna be a nerd! Tells us about your costume plans!

~Ringling9~ and ~Mibbs4~





2 Responses

  1. the candy in the ski lode is up in the picture frame also if you wear night vision goggles in the maze in the dark chamber you can see everything its pretty cool check it out

  2. hey bud i cant find tha 1 in the ski lodge help
    The candy in the Ski Lodge is in the picture frame above the fireplace

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