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New EPF Game System Defender Guide!

The EPF mainfrane is under ATTACK! Do You have what it takes to defeat the robot? There is a BRAND new EPF game out called System Defender! This is how to complete the first level.

Go to the Command Room and waddle over to System Defender.

Click “Defend System” It’s only for members though.

(click to enlarge)

The area in the red box is where the bots come from.

The big blue battery thing in the center circled in orange is where the bots are trying to get to, that is basically the head of the system.

Any area circled in black is an outlet you can place weapons


The point of the game is to defend the System Mainframe (glowing blue object) from bots. You do so by placing cannons/guns that will destroy the bots.

In the top left of the screen you will see how much power you have (used to buy cannons/cannon upgrades) and the cannons you can buy. The Red Cannon (50 Power) does little damage but shoots rapidly and has little range, the Orange Cannon (125 Power) doesn’t shoot as fast but does more damage and has a larger range, the Purple Cannon (200 Power) takes the longest to load but does the most damage! The Gear Symbol (500 Power) is used to upgrade a cannon.

You can only place cannons on “power outlets”.

In the bottom right corner you’ll see a bunch of arrows. When you start the level this will display what type of bots are coming, the big ones are the BIG MEAN bosses!

You get 10 power for each bot you destroy. As you destroy more and more they will start to drop extra power (pictured above). Click it to gain extra power.

Bosses drop gears, use this to upgrade your cannons! To do this, click the gear then the cannon you’d like to upgrade!

Thats basically it!

Once you finish, you will get this message.

I have a feeling this isn’t the end of this Ultimate Protobot! What do you think?



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