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April Fools Day Party!

Hey guys it’s Mibbs4 again and im here to take you to a magic land of bubbles and ponies! Well actually not and im sorry I wish I  could go on that trip too. Well anyway this is actually about the 2011 April Fools Party!!!! So here is your tour guide, Superpacman1!

For all the items, you will need to enter the Box Dimension. If you are not a member or not own one. You can find one in the Snow Forts.

boxd « Club Penguin Cheats

first « Club Penguin Cheats

Go to the Box Dimension to find the first box. Then click the paper in the middle.

document « Club Penguin Cheats

hunt « Club Penguin Cheats

To find the second box, go to the Desert Room and click on the box in the background.

desertss « Club Penguin Cheats

deserts1 « Club Penguin Cheats


To find the third box, go to the Doodle Room, and click on the bottom pencil.

pencil « Club Penguin Cheats

Then click on the box.

boxx « Club Penguin Cheats

3 « Club Penguin Cheats

To find the fourth box, go to the Space Room and connect the dots so it looks like a stapler like this:

stapler « Club Penguin Cheats

staplerss « Club Penguin Cheats

Then click on the stapler to get it for your hunt!

silly « Club Penguin Cheats

To get the fifth box, go to the Silly Room and click on the box on the chair.

chair « Club Penguin Cheats

boxess « Club Penguin Cheats

To get the sixth box, go to the Stairs Room and click on the box.

box for « Club Penguin Cheats

prize « Club Penguin Cheats

To get the seventh box, go to the Soda Room and go through the maze. Here is how to complete it:

thing « Club Penguin Cheats

Once you get to the end, click on the box.

boxxxxx « Club Penguin Cheats

hunter « Club Penguin Cheats

To get the last box, go to the Candy Room and click on the spoon, it will dig up the candy, then click on it.

spoon « Club Penguin Cheats

candy « Club Penguin Cheats

prizess « Club Penguin Cheats

Then you can pick up your Box Costume.

costume « Club Penguin Cheats

Then, put your Box Costume on and the gate in the Box Dimension will open. Go inside.

inside « Club Penguin Cheats

Then it will take you to an odd room. Check it out.

oddroom « Club Penguin Cheats

In the locker on the side. You will find a free Delivery Hat and Delivery Costume.

deliver « Club Penguin Cheats

Then go to the Dock and throw snowballs at the sign.

pic « Club Penguin Cheats

Then pick up the Purple Propeller Hat.

puroke « Club Penguin Cheats

purple « Club Penguin Cheats

Also don’t forget to dance with ONLY the box on to do the special move!

april « Club Penguin Cheats

chearz « Club Penguin Cheats

We hope we helped! Have a great day!

Most of the guide is from Penguin Cheatspc!




2 Responses

  1. Also, we need to determine the rounds of the quiz according
    to it. At the end of each round read out the cumulative
    scores. Ask your local club to run this for you.

  2. Yay! Mibbs is back! 🙂

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