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Sneek Peak of Whats Coming up in April and May!

Hey guys! It’s Mibbs4 again, Club Penguin just showed us some new sneak peaks of what is about to happen soon in April and May! It all looks pretty sweet!

He said the April Fools day party is over, and he showed us a Sneak Peak of what will be at the Earth Day party!:

Here are somethings to watch out for in the next few months:
  • Earth Day Party with two brand new animal costumes!
  • New stamps for games!
  • An epic new Medieval Quest for members…
  • More new interactions for puffles… stay tuned for more info here on the blog!
  • (Shhh… this one’s for secret agents only…) Some brand new Elite Gear… and something new with a certain polar bear named Herbert…
  • And more…

I think that Herbert Might come to Club Penguin and we could meet him! I also think that this is pretty sweet! Icant wait for April and May! What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know!



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