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Beta Team FOUND!

Remember a week ago, I posted Happy77’s video of the Beta Team? Well, we officially found that website! It is sort of hidden though. Heres how to get to it!

What is the Beta Team?

The Beta Team is a secret website that allows members to test games and new content before they actually are released.  Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the log-in screen, it says some of the content might not appear 😦

How Do I Get There?

Start off by going to the “Reviewed By You: Earning Stamps” post on Billybob’s blog.

Then click on “Team” next to “-Club Penguin Team” The word team should be a link.

Type your penguin info in and click Log In.

Now, type in a command in the Command box. If you type “help” you’ll get a list of commands.

For starters, we’re typing in “ls” which I’m assuming stands for list.

You get a list of content you get o test!

Right now, you can choose from:

Rollerscape 1.0

Puffle Hat Ideas

Rollerscape History

Go ahead and try out some content! Rollerscape was the game we saw in Happy77’s Video.

Note: Content may be very glitchy (Lots of glitches and/or bugs)!



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