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Medieval Party 2011 Complete Guide!

The Medieval Party has been launched! Here is the complete guide!

Free Items

Purple Wizard Hat

1. Go To The Light House

2. Waddle To The Table On The Left

Ye Knights Quest 1

1. Go to the Underground Cave. Walk up to the Ye Knight’s Quest 1 sign.

2. Light up all of the Orbes. This can be done by stepping on them.

3. Go through the gate. When you’re in to the next challenge, pick up the free item.

6. Hit all of the targets. (This can be done by anyone in the room.)

7. Go to the gate, and begin your next challenge.

8. Get The Free Item

To Solve The Maze- Go These Directions







9. Pick Up The Free Item!

Ye Knights Quest Two

1. To start off with this quest, throw snowballs at all fire torches (This can be done by anyone in the room.)

2. When you’re done, head through the cave and on to the next challenge. You need to play this game until it gets in to the Golden Slot. (This is different for everyone, so try to use common sense.)

3. Just walk through.

4. Defeat the mighty dragon by filling up the barrel and clicking the green button a couple of times.

Trick: Throw snowballs faster by hitting “t” on your keyboard and then clicking on the barrel

5. Get The Free Item!

Ye Knights Quest Three!

1. In the first challenge, you must uncover the correct colored gems.

2. In the second challenge, you must make it to the other side.

(First press red, the blue, then yellow, thats the way!)

After this, I got disconnected and the quest now does not load. Please stay tuned!



3 Responses

  1. it workd for a lot of people now ringling9 so how come you did not update that?

  2. hey it works now for me and fred.but does it work for you?

  3. why does it not load

    I’m not sure, theres a TON of glitches I found at the Medieval Party this year. I’ll update the post when the quest works.

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