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About Ringling9

I’m 13 years old and online alot! Before Club Penguin I played Webkinz. Now I play CP. I’m best buds with Mibbs4! he actually goes to my school and sits at my lunch table! My favorite TV show is either The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, The Middle, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, And The Office(Not so much anymore!). I enjoy playing Wii, Nintendo DS, and Play Station. I am the main owner and creator of this website.

Here is our old header-(the one I made) The original header was lost with all the other historic pictures when my computed crashed.

My penguins:


Funnel Cakes

(I make new penguins alot!!)

You will only see me wearing these two outfits

Favorite outfit one:

Favorite Outfit Two:

I Go On RANDOM Servers!

Email me at: ringling9@rocketmail.com


42 Responses

  1. Hi ring A ling (i call you that because i want your nickname to be that)
    im only 7 im turning 8 in Jan 20 2015
    Im Nevaehx1207 Ooh i forgot to tell you i wondered if you can add an rare item adder after all everyone calls you a rare penguin so
    Please add me!! im a huge fan!!!! byee!!! #Waddleon!

  2. dude your 13 and playing cp! wow u have no life

    I can guarantee you that all of the Club Penguin bloggers are over 12 years old.

  3. hey guys its fred10519 if u see me and smrsho on sleet croud us and also ringling snd say fred add me or smrsho add me!! pease guys and dont forget to croud

  4. also i like modern family and middle too lol

  5. hey ringling9.are you gonna mention about my website?

  6. hey if u want to trade accounts on cp email me at taylor.p123@yahoo.com

  7. I like those shows too Ringling.

  8. hey ringling9,
    can you change my picture.
    i changed my clothes.they look cooler now my password is,
    i will email you it

    • hey ringling
      i think me friend fred10519 thats on te famous and rare penguin list.i think he goes on your acount sometimes

  9. hey ringling9,
    have you checked youremail yet.i emailed you.and i havn’t got an email backfor two days.
    so when you get te chance please check your email.

  10. ME FACINA club penguin de echo soy socia en club pengin

  11. hey ringlin9 can you change my picture?i look like a cooler penguin now.i will email you my new pass

    You are one lucky penguin, Smrsho! lol

  12. Can You blog at one of my sites?

  13. hey ringling it fredman plz take a better pic of me plz man know one reconizes me

  14. hey everybody,
    if you know any rare or famous penguins username can you email me one?it can’t be banned forever.my email is victormaher14@yahoo.com it doesn’t ave to be rare or famous.it could just be a really cool penguin.

  15. HI RINGLING u r awsome have u met rockhopper yet can u help on how to find him
    plz : )

    Just check the tracker often! I update it every time Rockhopper is spotted.

  16. hey ringling9 do you wanna meet on december 13,2010 time 2:50 A.M. server sleet room dock

  17. did i say e mail i ment comment

  18. dude got your email hi
    what made oyu so hyper
    ps im pretty sure im coming to your party

  19. my penguin is abcdefm1 can you add me plese at snow board 1:30 pst wensday cove

  20. where in the u.s.a do you live not address but state&city ?
    I live in stratford ON, CA

  21. Me and a couple friends have tried to find you but we can’t i think our time zones are different Because I’m from Canada,
    so just wondering what state are you from so i can try to find out what time you could be on

  22. XD

  23. Whats your fav. cloths???

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