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Famous, Rare, and RANDOM Penguins

Coki295. One of my best friends! If anyone has a better picture of his playercard please let me know. ringling9@rocketmail.com


Frankie Barr







123 Responses


  2. Hey yo, how bout maxpow had him for 3+ years

    check out my youtube: MattAndCam X

  3. these are just rare penguins DUH people if you think these are famous you are wrong

  4. Hey guys my Club Penguins name is Cora Taten 😊 Please add me or like my iggy😊 I love new friends!

    You can find me mostly on Blizzard if full than Abominable I love to go to the pizza parlor,Coffee shop,My Igloo,and awesomely cool parties!!!

  5. I’ve been a member since 2008, I quit being a member in 2010 and have not gone on regularly since, I only go on now and than to see how everything’s going. I’m not sure if that’s rare but it’s feels like a veryyy long time ago lol. I have the 3rd anniversary party hat , blue ice cream apron etc. does anyone know how old a penguin has to be to be considered rare? My penguin is like 2 thousand something days old.

  6. It’s been a long time since I’ve stopped playing club penguin, and today I decided to log back in for a little bit and I checked how many days old my account called Snow14707 was and I was like : O what the! Snow14707 is 589 days old now!

  7. my penguin name is tweatle ive been on since 2006! and my penguin is 2725 days old 🙂 i go on sleet and abominable. send me a message so we can meet, id love to be on this list! thanks guys.

  8. add Tallen. He’s A Beta But He’s Not Wearing The Hat

  9. cool josh 38 is a rare and awesome penguin.cool josh 38 is older than saraapril and waltdiney6.
    He is awesome and he has not added me yet,i really want him to.

  10. I HATE SLEET AND THOSE RARE PENGUINS! all they do is FREAKIN say, HEY LOOK IM RARE ARNT IM COOL and all this peice of sh** and heres many reasons why i hate rare penguins and sleet: 1. my penguin is Snow14707 and he’s 302 days old but he’s a non rare penguin and im gonna tell you more! 2. when i logged into Snow14707 and logged into sleet (when i was a fan of the server) all i saw was these rare penguins being proud of themselves but what i felt was jealousy and anger and hate on rare penguins. 3. when the stupid clones came into sleet, i Snow14707 had a big fight with the clones but the reason why i didnt get along well with clones was because i thought they were gonna takeover sleet but they didnt but sleet hated me more for that. 4. on the 2012 holiday party on club penguin, i slowly realized sleet knew i was inferior because i wasnt rare and they pretended i wasnt there often so i said, im leaving sleet forever cos you guys gate me! i said that to test those sleet guys if they cared about me or not BUT GUESS WHAT? Norgit said, SNOW IS LEAVING! in a happy way then all the other penguins joined in and celebrated that i was leaving, AND GUESS HOW I FELT HUH?! i felt horrified and upset and angry!. 5. i then went to my very first server i went to when i was new, Sherbert. 6. i was on the server Sherbert in sadness and anger and hatred on sleet, i felt like sleet wanted me gone (which they did). 7. the next day, i returned to sleet in anger and a little hate and i turned into a frost bite and i started doing revenge on sleet. 8. the next day i felt bad and worse for doing revenge on the server sleet, and felt like saying sorry to them but i felt to scared to until a few weeks later. 8. after a few weeks i came to sleet to say sorry to them but they freakin said, WE DONT FORGIVE YOU so the i said, i thought so then i left sleet with even more anger and slowly hating the rare penguins and the server sleet. 9. today, i still play club penguin but i bearly go to sleet because i hate sleet and those rare penguins so i usually go to random servers unhappy and angry. Snow14707 was a happy penguin until that day on the server sleet it changed his personality from a kind personality to a angry and grumpy and unhappy personality thanks to sleet! Snow14707 will never be the same again because of the server sleet and those rare penguins of sleet. 😦 whats so important and cool being rare!? there just freakin items! rare penguins, please treat non rare penguins equally.

    • I agree with snow14707. It may be fun being rare but i like being the older penguin helping new penguins out
      My user is tax1 i accept all friend requests unless i dont like you.
      Im here for you snow 😀

  11. ringling please add me

  12. Im not that famous but i have alot of friends
    you will mostly find me on the server:Abominable
    you will mostly find me in the puffle hotel lobby spa and gym and the roof and the pizza parlor town and plaza and my username is selena12323 so go now and i hope to see u there

  13. add me to the list im a member and im handsome my name is playful59

  14. Hiya!! I’m not rlly famous just sorta. I’m friends with all the random ppl cuz I’m random lik tht. I’m willing to add anyone who’s nice and random 😛 im always on abominable u will probably NEVR find me on another server. Here’s the places u will most likely find me on cp:

    Server: Abominable

    Fav. places (where u might find me):coffee shop, plaza, town, snow forts, and forest.


  15. then i am rare as i have the new party hat to never return and it’ll become a rare item one day.Eh?

  16. unfair now guys.Disney took over CP and its difficult to find mascots.Then the Cove needs a renovation.Please!

  17. Comment Removed-INAPPROPRIATE

    Nice Comment.

  18. I am too maybe rare penguin.I have night vision goggles.My name is Gian478,i am a member.I met penguin band and cadence in Ultimate jam,but haven’t got their backgrounds.

  19. HI,
    I AM Batreeqah!

  20. um hey ringling remember me? bananas ? im on your list unless you deleted me.i know smrsho hes my bestfriend unfortunenately i lost his websites name anyway , WHOS BANNANAS 263 I WANT TO KNOW BECAUSE IF THERES ANYONE COPYING OFF MY NAME…….

  21. can u add an ultama2903 tracker he’s sooo awsome he’s got every igloo and is rich

  22. I am kinda famous because i have a website click my name to view it!

  23. you will find me in club penguin now sever: big snow

    place :cove

    my fav places : nightclub,cove,forest,dock and ninja hideout if at ninja hideouti will add you

  24. hey guys there good arent they?

  25. rockhopper?

  26. yeah right like your famous you will never be famous


  27. hey ringling its fred can u change my pic.

  28. hey ringling u sould make a famouse club penguins youtube vids with me and smrsho and u and mibbs that would be cool and the name famouse penguins.peace man!!!

  29. hey there not famous

    Hence the name: Famous, Rare and RANDOM Penguins. Most of them are random.

  30. plz ringling send me a message about are website at mooneydavid45@yahoo.com and if anyone wants to see us online go to xat.com/ghostpenguin

  31. HEY

    • yeah xat.com/smrshocpcheatsis my chaat and xat.com/ghostpenguin is freds. and please email me or fred about are website.you already know my email

  32. hey who ever wants to meet me i go on lots of times i go on every server.if you w to meet me and be my friend on cp.email me at victormaher14@yahoo.com

  33. I Met Smrsho!

  34. i met milk shake1 i was like screming and i even add her 😀

  35. Half of these penguins i have never heardo f i have been playing since 2009 never heard anything about most of them.

    Some of them aren’t famous, just random.

  36. hey at the top on the blue frame i saw a smily face O_O 😀 🙂 😛 :C :$ ___________________________________________so is this cool ___________________________sznh skijs___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  37. hay fans its me im going to be on abominable at ten in the morning to two oclock see u in the cove

  38. tell me hou to tip the berg

  39. Im rare and famous

  40. i know fred and he is a lawyer and he will sue you!!!!!!!

  41. no patrick

  42. yo kevin stop we didnt ask too be put on ok stop it

  43. sup people,its me smrsho
    i’m great friends with one of them famous penguins up there.his name is fred10519
    we know eachother in real life!!!! we just met this summer!!!! 🙂
    if your a fan of smrsho tell me in a email to victormaher14@yahoo.com
    and i will meet you at any time you could meet me
    peace out my fans

  44. hi can you put me on plz cause am famous two so plz add me on it and can i be your buddy

  45. ha ha ha im reading the comments about evry one is asking to be famouse im one of the oldest penguins on club penguin does that count as anything ive been playing like 1500 days already

  46. oh ya and david if this is your website add me im making an mmo read the entire fricken book of C++ it took like about 7 weks cuz it has 6000 pages this is me kevin from your class FOOOOOOOL lolz

  47. hey all this is FAKE these arnt evan famos penguins T.T P.S i Know Fred in real life his name is david SPOILER ALERTTAAAAA!!!!!!!! lolz but david or whoever made this keep this up till david replys thx

  48. hey ringling take a better pic of me plz man thxs

  49. smrsho mean people crouding us remeber

  50. ok drake ill ask my mom and im changing my password or if ur on ur moms nevermind

  51. david bring over your tony hawk ride and remember this spits in girls face and steals pures

  52. hey ringling one quistion fred10519 and smrsho dont get any mobs no more plz help yo

  53. yo smrsho thats my coucin and yes i know drake

  54. hey fred1059 its me drake you let your computer at my house

  55. hey ringling9 can you add me as a friend?

  56. fredrocks your so funny man can’t wait to see ya and are fans peace out man

  57. hay its fred man . if my fans meet me tommorrow at 5 oclock pm six and seven on abominble at the iceberg and me and smrsho are best freinds yoo peace!

  58. new time 4:00 A.M.

  59. i cant meet my fans at 11:00 i can meet my fans at 2:00 P.M. still the same server stil te same room but a different time its at 2:00

  60. im one of the famous penguins on there.
    if you want to meet me you can meet me on december 12,2010 time 11:00 am sever sleet room dock. thats where all the famous penguin meet.today i met some of my famous palls at the dock on the server sleet.there stil online.P.S i think. LOL

  61. hey its fred hay ringling nine meet me today at 8 on abominal at the lighthouse see you there man

  62. hey ringling9 it’s me can you meet smrsho on the server blizzard room dock day november 24,2010 time 1:00 pm see ya there ringling9

  63. hey ringling9 can you make smrsho a famous penguin please 🙂
    and also you rock ringling9 keep on beeing famous and cool and make smrsho a website called smrshochreatscp.com waddle on cp

  64. no need for bonket 123 he took the book back

  65. how do i become famous like them in club penguin please reply and am goin try to start makeing videos on club penguin to become famous but cant put them on youtube cus i dont know how to lol

  66. can ringling9 plz add me? plz? 🙂

  67. omg my penguin is on the list

  68. i sent you Clippy59014’s playercard and you didnt post it yet please post it

  69. you forgot Clippy59014 he is really rare and famous add Clippy59014 if you never heard of him look him up the only server he ever goes on is sleet and hes online all the time sometimes he doesnt add and sometimes he records so add Clippy59014 to the list to get his gamercard go to sleet and dock and mabye he will be there

  70. got one its on my site

  71. how do i get or find one

  72. ring for the sake of cp will you add Bonket123 hes my friends penguin and he will give me a cp book if u add him

    Well, somebody’s gotta e-mail me a picture of his/her playercard. ringling9@rocketmail.com. I will just add his name for now…..

  73. 😡 😀 😛 🙂 😦

    see my page thanx random faces i like doing de faces

  74. 😀 🙂 😦 😛 XD

  75. haha uve seen me 😀 🙂 😛 :O O3O O_O

  76. hey its mimo777 from cp i remember u

  77. ive been in a orange puffle video

  78. add me to this webste!!!!!!

  79. can you add bananas362 to your friends list on club penguin?

  80. can you add bananas362?

  81. you left out a few of pretty inportant people,like the band, Gary and sensei! there the mot famous of all!
    anyway im a real big fan and ive met all of these people, dont that count for something? i think im good enough to be on that list to! Get back to me on that please!
    Are you pretty famous? Famous enough to get on the list? Do you make videos or have a website? If so, maybe I can get you on the list.

  82. yay! u must put me on there,

  83. ringling please i will do anything if u add me to the list i dont care about the requirements why do I need to meet them

  84. Ohh I’m sorry, I thought you meant to add you on Club Penguin. Sorry, but unless you have a website with at least 5,000 hits or a croud around you on CP, I can’t add you to this page.

  85. ringling please add me
    I did add you.

  86. add me ring

  87. could you add me? im podlepops

  88. can u add me icesharpe plz

  89. just wondering if you could add me, if so do i need to send you a pic of my penguins card?

  90. u buddys with mimo777

  91. can u put me on plz

  92. can you put me?

  93. What about Chewit Dude

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