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Stamp Guide!

How it Works

Open your playercard and there should be a “Your Stamps” Button below your coins. Click on it.

If your penguin is over 365 days old you should already have two stamps. The one on the left is if your penguin is over 183 days old and the stamp on the right is if your penguin is over 365 days old (A Year.)

Heres YOUR official Stampbook!

It says your name in the bottom right along with how many stamps you have. Click the anchor to open your stamp book. If your a member, you can customize your book later!

The first page you’ll see is the Table of Contents. Since its your first time in the stamp book. Take a look at the guide.

This tells you what every button does.

Stamps and How to Earn em’

You can earn stamps in three main categories.

  • Events
  • Activities
  • Games

Those are the main categories. Click on one of the main categories to view the subcategories.

Events – characters

Events has one sub category, Characters.

You earn a pin in this sub category every time you are in the same room with a famous penguin like Gary or Aunt Arctic. There are eight stamps you can earn in this category.


Activities doesn’t have any sub categories, just twenty-two(22) stamps you can collect. Scroll over the stamp with your cursor to see how to earn the stamp.


Games has five(5) Sub categories for five different games. You can earn in:

  • Thin Ice
  • Jet Pack Adventure
  • Catchin’ Waves
  • Astro Barrier
  • Aqua Grabber

    Click the desired game to see the stamps you can earn for that game.


    Along with being able to show off your stamps, you can show off all your pins too! Click pins on the contents page.

    This page shows you all the pins you’ve collected over the years. Ringling9 has only been around since Sept. 08, so there are only 49 pins.

    Roll your mouse over the desired pin to show when it was released.

    You can also see how many pins you have by looking in the upper right corner.

    I have only 49 pins. How many do you have?

    Getting Pictures in Your Stamp Book

    If you look on any page that has stamps on it, you will see that (picture above) in the right side of the page. You might be wondering what it is, well it is for pictures:

    If you take a closer look you will see that it is the stamp symbol with a number next to it. To get a picture in that slot you will have to earn one stamp from that category (amount of stamps that need to be earned my vary). The picture will be something that has to do with that category, so if its from the Character Category (access it via the Events Category), it might be a picture of Rockhopper! If its from the Thin Ice Category (access it via the Game Category) it will be a picture of Thin Ice and so on!



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